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Interval training and fitness for cyclists

Everyone knows that elite pro cyclists spend many more training hours in the saddle than their amateur brethren. But according to Joe Beer, that’s only part of the secret of success, which is good news for the rest of us… Grand Tour winners who race day after day for two to three weeks are some... MORE

Interval training: good for health as well as performance

Andrew Hamilton explains why interval training benefits performance at all levels of sport, and offers health benefits too… Interval training has traditionally been regarded as the preserve of elite athletes seeking enhanced performance. In recent years, however, evidence has begun to accumulate that intervals can benefit the performance of sportsmen and women at all levels... MORE

Interval training: including recovery periods in your workout means...

Planning your interval training programme is the key to achieving optimal results Splitting some of his training sessions into sets and repetitions is familiar territory for the serious track athlete who wants to run faster or boost endurance. Yet it can usefully be adapted for conditioning athletes in any sport. Once you understand the principles,... MORE

Interval training: how to improve your fitness and increase...

Owen Anderson explains why training at intensities above 90% VO2max is one of the most potent routes to fitness Cyclists, swimmers, rowers, cross-country skiers, orienteers, triathletes and runners all engage in interval training in order to increase the amount of time they spend exercising at very high intensities. A runner scampering along without stopping at... MORE

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