L-carnitine: back on the block

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Thought that L-carnitine was old hat for endurance performance? Joe Beer explains why you need to think again and shows how L-carnitine could offer significant performance benefits for endurance athletes. MORE

Interval training and fitness for cyclists

in Training structure and planning

Everyone knows that elite pro cyclists spend many more training hours in the saddle than their amateur brethren. But according to Joe Beer, that’s only part of the secret of success, which is good news for the rest of us… Grand Tour winners who race day after day for two to three weeks are some... MORE

Cycling training: how to use GPS to improve performance

in Electronics and software, Equipment

Joe Beer explains how to use GPS information technology to investigate, monitor and refine your cycling training and racing   Using global positioning systems (GPS) technology to enhance cycling performance may sound futuristic. But as Joe Beer explains, the use of GPS information technology to investigate, monitor and refine cycling training and racing is becoming... MORE

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