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How diet and exercise interact to prevent disease – a research summary There are many studies on the independent effects of diet and exercise on chronic disease. But a new area of interest currently emerging is the consideration of how exercise and nutrition can work together in preventing and treating illness. To date, clinical studies... MORE

Exercise and low-fat

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Exercise doubles the cholesterol-lowering effect of a low-fat diet It’s been known for some time that exercise has a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol. A number of studies have found that exercise alters the relative proportions of different types of cholesterol – in particular, by boosting levels of ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol. HDL cholesterol helps to... MORE

Longevity: exercise helps you to live longer

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How important is intensity? Regular exercise extends life, and the effect is so powerful that even people who wait until they are middle-aged to begin exercising gain extra days on earth. Overall, starting exercise in one’s middle years lowers the risk of death by 23 per cent over the next two decades or so. Excellent... MORE

Triathlon race hazards

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The hazards facing triathletes and how they can be prevented Jeremy Windsor outlines the injuries and conditions that triathletes and support professionals must prepare for.From the shortest mass-participation ‘sprint’ races to the elite Ironman events, triathlons have in turn presented health care professionals with fascinating challenges (1). In this article, we highlight some of the... MORE

Sudden cardiac death and how to stop it happening

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Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy and its effects Article at a glance Jeremy Windsor asks ‘Should there be screening programmes to prevent sudden cardiac death?’ The main causes of Sudden Cardiac death are investigated including inherited or congenital structural and functional abnormalities Possible solutions and proposals are looked at to determine how we can reduce occurence of... MORE

Sports Injuries: overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome

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Dr Lee Crust describes the psychological and physical challenges of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome Once dismissed as ‘all in the mind’, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is now recognised as a serious and debilitating condition. Lee Crust explores how athletes can overcome CFS and provides a valuable insight based on his own experiences.Like many athletes, I... MORE

Sleep deprivation

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Sleep your way to better performance Nobody feels good after a bad night’s sleep. However, does sleep loss affect physical performance? The early research suggested that while it was detrimental to cognitive function, sleep loss didn’t really have a significant effect on physical performance. However, more recent research has indicated that sleep loss is detrimental to... MORE

MOT your body with functional movement screening

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Regularly assessing mobility and stability will give athletes an indication of their functional status and injury risk You wouldn’t take your car out on the highway without checking out its basic roadworthiness. But that’s exactly what many sportsmen and women do when it comes to subjecting their bodies to the rigours of training for competition.... MORE

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