Nose strips: Breathe Right External Nasal Dilator

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Here’s the scientific verdict on those nose strips – the damned things don’t work Successful swimmers sported them at the Olympics. Professional rugby players use them. Famous football players have them on their conks. And now more and more runners are showing up at races with the devices stuck on to their snouts. Of course,... MORE

Nose strips

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The supposed benefits are literally a widening of the nostrils, reducing resistance to air flow, thereby allowing easier breathing (the strips were originally developed to assist sleep and help people with breathing problems). Are they any use? Scientific research has shown that it is the function of the muscles and/or the cardiovascular system that are... MORE

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

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Warning: reliance on a heart monitor can seriously damage your performance   If you’ve decided to engage in the popular practice of performing a race or workout at a particular heart rate (or fixed percentage of max heart rate), you’ve eliminated a big problem: you won’t have to worry about estimating your actual cycling or... MORE

Sports technology: running shoes should be designed according to...

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Male and female athletes have different running shoe requirements It doesn’t take a scientist, sports or other, to tell you that men and women are different. However, it was really only recently that kit manufacturers noticed this difference in the area of sports shoe design. A woman’s foot is 3-4% narrower than men’s – this... MORE

Sports equipment: what are the right running shoes for...

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  A number of people buy their running shoes to make a fashion statement. Well, if you do, your bank statement could include some unwelcome physio bills. Running shoes are designed to provide cushioning and support, for different running styles – specifically, the way your feet strike the ground. Basically, there are three type of... MORE

Sports equipment: how to safely run in winter weather

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Staying safe when running in the winter According to The British Nutrition Foundation a typical Christmas dinner clocks up close to 1500 calories, so it’s hardly surprising many of us have turned to sports in the New Year to ‘offset’ our excess festive calories. One of the cheapest and most effective forms of exercise that... MORE

Sports clothing: how lycra affects performance

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The lure of enhanced performance and recovery means that compression clothing is becoming increasingly popular among sportsmen and women. But does this type of clothing really deliver the goods? Andy Harrison and Kevin Thompson look at the evidence There’s no strict definition of what precisely what constitutes compression clothing, but common to all these garments... MORE

How effectively can Masai barefoot trainers be used to...

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Masai Barefoot Trainers Article at a glance Paul Brice weighs up the evidence for a shoe that would have us walk like warriors; This article looks at the stresses on the foot and in which areas; It then examines how effectively Masai Barefoot Trainers can be used to combat bad walking patterns and reduce injuries... MORE

Cycling training: how to use GPS to improve performance

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Joe Beer explains how to use GPS information technology to investigate, monitor and refine your cycling training and racing   Using global positioning systems (GPS) technology to enhance cycling performance may sound futuristic. But as Joe Beer explains, the use of GPS information technology to investigate, monitor and refine cycling training and racing is becoming... MORE

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