Mental drills

This section contains information on scientifically-validated mental drills, proven to improve psychological well being, and enhance sports performance.

The effect of thought suppression on sports performance

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Thought suppression – a paradoxical effect Pay attention now: don’t think about the referee and his biased decisions. Are you succeeding in not thinking about him? If you have ever tried to suppress disruptive or irritating thoughts, you will know that it is easier said than done – and recent research suggests we might actually... MORE

How to prevent competition anxiety and nerves from getting...

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The secrets to performing under pressure  Competition anxiety needn’t get you down ‘Meet with triumph and disaster and treat these two impostors just the same.’ Rudyard Kipling Sport is littered with the broken dreams of those who wavered when they most needed to be in controlof themselves and focused on the task at hand. Costas... MORE

How swimmers approach training and competition

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The importance of paying attention in sport In a more recent study(1) 69 recreational swimmers, all physical education students, were asked to perform two 500m freestyle swims on either side of an intervention designed to compare the effects of associative and dissociative techniques on performance. First all the participants completed a questionnaire designed to identify,... MORE

How improving your mental toughness will improve your overall...

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Improving your mental strength is as important as improving for fitness and technique A friend was in a cancer ward and his treatment involved going without food and water for eight weeks. He survived on a drip and lost three stone in weight. Around him other patients frequently died. It was a depressing period. Asked... MORE

Self-hypnosis in sport

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 The progression of the human species has relied heavily upon our capacity to look beyond where we are now. According to Dr Costas Karageorghis, these same qualities of foresight and vision can be harnessed to produce superior sporting performance.  Sports psychology is opening its doors to hypnosis. Just as a bright and active imagination can facilitate... MORE

Mental imagery for physical people

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How recreating all-sensory experience can profoundly affect your performance A few years ago I remember seeing a close-up shot of former world motor racing champion Damon Hill in his Formula One car as his head swayed from side to side. There was nothing new about TV producers wanting to get closer to the action, but... MORE

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