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Sh*t happens guv!

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It’s strange how so many people seem to regard physical and mental functions of the human body as completely separate entities. Strange, because the brain is hardwired into every part of the body, and we have masses of evidence showing that much of what we experience and how we function physically is powerfully regulated by... MORE

Sports psychology and yoga

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How yoga and motivation exercises boost performance Mental preparation for competition is an increasingly important factor in athletes’ training, but there has been very little field research on how the various preparation strategies affect different types of athletic performance. Now a new US study has shown that yoga and motivational exercises can both boost one-mile... MORE

Mental preparation to improve running performance

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Lee Crust explains that when it comes to doing your best, it’s the thoughts that count  When it comes to running – or any other endurance sport – your mind can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy. Enjoying your training and achieving your best performances is not simply down to physical conditioning: your... MORE

Beating boredom to maintain motivation levels

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Ergogenic aids How turning on and tuning in can boost your motivation and aid your workout.  Any serious athlete recognises the importance of regular physical training to prepare the body for competition. But even the most dedicated among them experience dips in their motivation and long for something to relieve the boredom of repetitive training... MORE

Encouragement boosts performance

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How encouraging athletes boosts performance Offering verbal encouragement to athletes attempting maximal effort is entirely instinctive. Indeed it is almost impossible to imagine a situation in which coaches, parents, fellow athletes and friends would stand silent on the sidelines, instead of shouting out such original motivators as: ‘keep it going’, ‘go for it’, ‘push it’... MORE

Music as ergogenic aid

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A new UK study on the ergogenic effects of music has tended to muddy the waters of scientific research rather than clarify them. In contrast to previous findings that music benefits performance by reducing perceived exertion, the current study found the opposite to be true.  Sixteen physically active participants performed two 10k time trials on... MORE

How sports psychology can be used to treat sports...

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Pain and brain – a revolutionary approach to treating injury Injury and pain are a competitive athlete’s worst nightmare, scuppering even the best-laid training plans. And when injuries become chronic, they can destroy confidence and even end athletic careers. But a revolution is taking place in our understanding of pain, which has profound implications for... MORE

Sports psychology: let the music flow

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Recent research has seen some creative approaches to developing psychological skills to boost sport performance, such as listening to carefully selected music and watching personal motivational videos. Andy Lane evaluates these new techniques, explains how they can be assessed and suggests ways in which they can be incorporated into training.  Music can play an important... MORE

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