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The aerobic and anaerobic energy systems

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Training the right energy system in relation to your sport will ensure optimum performance. By John Shepherd. The three energy systems 1) Aerobic energy system Distance running uses aerobic energy Aerobic means ‘with air’. Oxygen provides the catalyst for a chemical reaction in our muscles (including the heart) that generates aerobic energy. If it were... MORE

Sports nutrition: the latest research into low glycogen training

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Could training when muscle carbohydrate stores are low be advantageous to athletes? Andrew Hamilton looks at the very latest research in this area and how it translates into training recommendations for athletes… When it was first proposed as a useful nutritional approach to training, the ‘train low, race high’ theory ruffled plenty of feathers because... MORE

Olympic rowing training programme

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Eight-month training plan to improve all aspects of rowing This training programme was created by three times Olympic rowing coach Terry O’Neill. It covers an eight-month period and is subdivided into three eight-week training blocks. Each block has a specific training aim. The high-intensity programme is ideal for veterans (masters) as their race distance is... MORE

Marathon Training: distance running at the North Pole

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Runners competing in the North Pole Marathon   With temperatures ranging from -10 to -35°C, running the North Pole marathon is a huge challenge. Andy Lane and Tracey Devonport explain how to prepare for such events using data from a recent successful case study. Completing a marathon was once considered an outstanding feat of endurance... MORE

Fitness training for female athletes

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Female game players need high fitness levels as well as technical and tactical skills in order to reach the top Traditional gym training to build strength power and speed can be a turn off for many female games players. But according to James Marshall, there is another approach – skills based fitness training… Like their... MORE

Fatmax: fat fact or fat fiction?

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The loss of excess fat isn’t just aesthetic – it almost always produces enhanced performance In most sports, the loss of excess fat isn’t just aesthetic – it almost always produces enhanced performance. Not only is power-to-weight ratio and agility improved, a lower body weight is also associated with reduced injury risk through reduced impact... MORE

Mountaineering: king of the death zone

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King of the eight-thousanders! Alan Hinkes is a ‘death zone conqueror’ and one of only 12 people alive to have climbed all 14 8,000m (over 26,400ft) peaks on the planet – that’s the same number of people who have stood on the moon! They are known as the eight-thousanders. What insights about 8,000m climbing can... MORE

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