High intensity training

Is training intensity the real key to building muscle...

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Weight training for genuine strength and power gains Article at a glance: The differing types of strength are outlined and commonly used strength training systems identified; The role of training intensity in building muscle mass is discussed and the link between lactate production and generating intensity is explained; The relationship between building muscle mass and optimum... MORE

High-intensity training: one size doesn’t fit all

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In recent years, there’s been a torrent of research showing that adding some high-intensity training (for example high-intensity intervals) to an endurance-based training programme produces big gains in performance. What’s less clear, however, is the best way to structure this high-intensity training. For example, how hard should each interval be, how long, how many repetitions and how many sessions per week... MORE

Hill training for endurance

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South African coach Abrie de Swardt has come up with some excellent tips for hill training in a recent issue of The Coach. Hill training, as you may be aware, offers the following benefits: helps develop power and muscle elasticity; improves stride frequency and length; develops co-ordination, encouraging the proper use of arms during the... MORE

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