Endurance training

Endurance muscles

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Why endurance athletes cannot afford to ignore the vital contribution of fast-twitch muscle fibres In last month’s issue, I offered the lowdown on maximising fast-twitch muscle fibre potential for speed and power (PP201, August 2004). This article focuses on getting the most out of muscle fibre for endurance activity. Biopsies are used to determine what... MORE

Distance Running Training

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Distance running training – How The dominance of distance running by East Africans is a well-established phenomenon. The current IAAF world ranking points system in the 5,000 and 10,000m categories features no fewer than 17 Ethiopian and Kenyan runners in the top 20 ranked athletes. There has been much speculation by coaches and pundits about... MORE

Distance Runners

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Running is a poor man’s sport. Bruce Tulloh on the inexorable decline in Northern European endurance running In 1990 Bruce Tulloh was nearing retirement as a teacher, coaching a small group of elite distance runners and running about 40 miles a week himself. Since retiring in 1994, he has enjoyed a renaissance in his own... MORE


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Why a change really is better than a rest At a glance: Detraining affects different aspects of fitness in different ways; The extent of detraining will depend on the length of inactivity and your training background; Detraining in elite athletes may produce steeper declines in fitness and require longer periods of retraining than was thought;... MORE

Cycling Training

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Physiological Assessment in Cycling We’ve already seen that elite cyclists can’t afford to guess at their form – they need hard and fast numbers from tests to work out how hard to train, or whether to rest. But how are these tests carried out and how can the results help physiologists and coaches to plan... MORE

Cross training: sport-specific workouts to boost your performance

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Endurance athletes are diversifying: swimmers are cycling and lifting weights, cyclists are doing more running, and runners are taking up stair stepping, cycling, and resistance training. Can such “cross training” workouts really help athletes in their preferred sports? Does being a better cyclist automatically make you a better runner, too? Owen Anderson provides some answers... MORE


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Cross-training: Can runners pedal their way to faster 5K times? ‘Cross-training’ – attempting to improve your performance in your prime sport by practising a separate activity – was very popular for a time during the 1980s and now seems ready to make a second big splash in the athletic world. Several recent studies have shown,... MORE

Aerobic capacity: how to boost oxygen uptake

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Endurance coach Olaf Astrand states that maximum oxygen uptake can be improved by up to 20% if a work rate of above 80% is achieved Endurance coach Olaf Astrand tends to work by duration of running rather than by distance and time. For example, he discovered that no other middle-distance race produced more lactic acid... MORE

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