Endurance training

Lactate Threshold and Lactate Training

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What the latest research says about your lactate threshold and lactate training When I wrote the book Lactate Lift-Off in 1998, research concerning lactate production and utilization during exercise was really beginning to take off in an exciting way. One of the key thrusts of the new research was that lactate threshold, i.e., the exercise... MORE

Lactate threshold: 2-2 t-20

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Since I first started attaching a fairly specific intensity to lactate-threshold workouts about 10 years ago, the whole idea of threshold training seems to have gained in popularity ‘Tempo runs’ and ‘cruise intervals’ are two types of workouts that fit the threshold description, because both are run at about lactate-threshold pace. Tempo runs have actually... MORE

Gender Performance

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Will women ever outpace men? Will females ever outpace males in running events? Time and again this question has led to fierce debate within the lay and scientific community (1-6). Performance differentials between men and women are most commonly attributed to such issues as body size and composition, with men tending to be larger than... MORE

Fitness workouts: how to increase your VO2max

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New vVO2max workouts lead to impressive gains in fitness Veronique Billat is at it again. The French scientist who brought that proud old physiological variable VO2max to its knees, replacing it with the much more valuable and predictive vVO2max, and who was the first scientist to show endurance athletes exactly how to optimize vVO2max, has... MORE

Exercise equipment: what is the best fitness machine in...

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The best exercise machines to improve your fitness At this time of year, athletes who are interested in alternative forms of training (ie cross training) often wonder which exercise device is ‘best’. Essentially, they want to know whether cross-country ski machines, rowing devices, stair machines, stationary bicycles or treadmills provide the most beneficial workout when... MORE

Endurance muscles

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Why endurance athletes cannot afford to ignore the vital contribution of fast-twitch muscle fibres In last month’s issue, I offered the lowdown on maximising fast-twitch muscle fibre potential for speed and power (PP201, August 2004). This article focuses on getting the most out of muscle fibre for endurance activity. Biopsies are used to determine what... MORE

Distance Running Training

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Distance running training – How The dominance of distance running by East Africans is a well-established phenomenon. The current IAAF world ranking points system in the 5,000 and 10,000m categories features no fewer than 17 Ethiopian and Kenyan runners in the top 20 ranked athletes. There has been much speculation by coaches and pundits about... MORE

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