Strength, conditioning and flexibility

Maximising the anabolic response to training

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Nick Tiller presents six evidence-driven but seldom practised methods by which athletes can promote the anabolic process to maximise training adaptation, promote recovery and improve athletic performance. Anabolism is considered to be any state in which nitrogen is retained in lean body mass, and can occur via the stimulation of protein synthesis in the muscle... MORE

Explosive strength training: can it blow away other strength...

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

Could ‘explosive’ strength training deliver better results with less overall work than traditional resistance methods? John Sampson investigates  Athletic performance in many sports demands the development of muscle strength, which is required for other performance related characteristics, notably speed and power. Muscle strength is routinely developed through prolonged participation in a structured resistance exercise programmes. Yet... MORE

Core training using exercise ball workouts

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

Improve your core stability with a fitball!  The first four exercises require you to perform held (isometric) contractions using the ball, while the other two require movement (isotonic) muscular actions. Isometric fitball exercises These exercises will challenge your ability to hold good posture and pelvic alignment against both body weight and the instability of the... MORE

Circuit training: how to construct a rowing exercise

in Strength, conditioning and flexibility

Constructing sport specific circuit workouts Circuit training is used by many athletes, from numerous sports, usually to build strength endurance. It’s a part of pre-season training and is often continued until the season starts. ‘Normal’ conditioning role of circuits Circuits often comprise body weight and light-weight exercises and use high numbers of repetitions with short... MORE

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