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Sports Nutrition

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How what you eat can stop you getting hurt. Diet affects performance: this is such a well-researched and documented fact that nothing more need be said on it here. In contrast, there has been relatively little research on whether diet can be a factor in the prevention of sports injuries. Nevertheless, in recent years there... MORE

Boosting omega-3

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Boosting Omega-3: Should you consider stepping up your omega-3 intake to improve your mental state? One way to boost omega-3 in your diet would be to eat more fish, and it’s interesting to note that fish-eating people have considerably lower rates of depression, compared to beef- and pork-eating ones. For example, the incidence of depression... MORE

Carbohydrate snacks

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Carbohydrate Snacks: Can you save money, and achieve the same benefits, by making your own? That was precisely the question asked recently by two researchers, Douglas Padden-Jones of the Human Performance Laboratory, Bull State University, Indiana, and David Pearson of the University of Queensland, Australia. They devised an experiment to determine the cost-effectiveness of pre-exercise... MORE


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Thiamin: If you rely too much on snacks and convenience foods, you may be short of B1. Vitamin B1, or thiamin, is a crucial vitamin for athletes, as it is necessary for the process of converting carbohydrates into energy. Because of this, the requirement increases the more exercise you take, and the more food you... MORE

Spanish Omelette recipe

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How to cook an omelette and its nutritional benefits to the athlete There are a lot of good things in Spain – friendly people, a relaxed culture, great scenery and beaches, fantastic weather and, of course, traditional Spanish cuisine (tapas). The beauty of tapas is that most dishes are made from simple and fresh ingredients,... MORE

Planning all year round to ensure optimal sports performance

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The difference between every day nutrition and training/recovery nutrition The task of framing the perfect nutrition plan can be a daunting task even for experienced athletes. However, as Amanda Carlson explains, if you break it down into different pieces and understand those individual parts that make the whole, you will discover that creating the perfect... MORE

Bean salad recipe suitable for all athletes

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This bean salad recipe packs a delicious nutritional punch If the ‘S’ word conjures up visions of a bowl of limp lettuce, garnished with cucumber and tomatoes, it’s time to think again. Done right, salads can pack a nutritional punch to meet the demands of the most active sportsmen and women. Even better, they can... MORE

Recommended Protein Intake to Build Muscle Mass

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Optimum protein intake levels for athletes and when to take protein to build muscle Article at a glance: The issue of optimum protein intake levels for athletes seeking muscle mass gains is addressed and some of the myths are dispelled; Protein quality and the role of the essential amino acids (particularly leucine) is discussed; The... MORE

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