Hydration and fuelling on the move

Guide to energy drinks

in Hydration and fuelling on the move

The role of sports drinks in an athletes diet Wander into any sports or health food shop and the chances are that energy drinks will be the most ubiquitous sports nutrition product on the shelves. But what exactly are they, what are the benefits and how should they be used? Andrew Hamilton explains.The primary purpose... MORE

The role of carbohydrates in endurance sports

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How ‘carbohydrate rinsing’ can boost sports performance Everyone knows that carbohydrate drinks can enhance performance. But as Asker Jeukendrup explains, new research suggests that actually swallowing your favourite sports drink might not be necessary. Bizarre as it sounds, you can rinse your mouth, spit the drink out on the ground and still be faster!During the... MORE

Sports Drinks

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When sports drinks don’t work Commercially available sports drinks appeal to both competitive and recreational athletes, seeking to boost their training and competition performance. Manufacturers claim their products enhance endurance performance and help replace water and electrolytes lost to sweat. But do they? Researchers in the USA have claimed that under certain circumstances some sports drinks... MORE

Hydration: how to get it right for performance

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New research suggests that optimum hydration is not just about ‘drinking plenty’ and hoping for the best. It actually requires a good deal more thought. Andrew Hamilton explains Lies and damn lies? Although the importance of maintaining hydration in sport is relatively straightforward compared to other aspects of sports nutrition, and has been studied for... MORE

Energy drinks: can repeated usage of sports drinks damage...

in Hydration and fuelling on the move

Could the routine use of sports drinks hinder the process of training adaptation? Everybody knows that achieving maximum sports performance requires optimum carbohydrate and fluid intakes, which is why sports drinks have become so popular. But could the routine use of such drinks actually hinder the process of training adaptation? Richard Godfrey investigates.There’s general agreement... MORE

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