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Are protein drinks effective in boosting sports performance?

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New research suggests that there’s less evidence for adding protein to carbohydrate than many would have us believe In recent years, the addition of protein to carbohydrate to enhance endurance performance has become a popular practice for endurance athletes. However, according to Kevin Tipton and Asker Jeukendrup, there’s less evidence for this practice than many... MORE

Overtraining: how the right nutrition can help prevent it...

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Professor Mike Saunders explains how specific nutritional practices can prevent overtraining and accelerate exercise recovery Where should we draw the line between appropriate ‘heavy training’ and overtraining? And are there specific nutritional practices that can prevent overtraining and accelerate exercise recovery? Mike Saunders explains and shows that these two concepts are intimately linked.  In simple... MORE

Hydration and recovery: it’s vital you replace the salt...

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Losing too much fluid will not only mean that you can’t physically perform as well, but that you can’t think and make decisions as well either I often get athletes turning up feeling fatigued before we even start the session. When I ask them about their hydration status, it usually reveals that they haven’t been... MORE

Eating breakfast is vital in aiding recovery

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Breakfast is vital for helping your metabolic and energy-producing processes swing into action It’s one of the oldest clichés in the book, but ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’ is no less true for that. Breakfast is an incredibly important meal; not only does it help your metabolic... MORE

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