Vitamin C and zinc

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Do these popular supplements really reduce your risk of getting a cold? We might as well face it: it’s the cold season, and there are over 200 different viruses out there waiting to punish our upper-respiratory systems. The average British adult suffers three colds a year; the average child puts up with seven. If we... MORE

HMB supplement

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What worked with chickens and pigs may now help strength trainers and endurance athletes A dietary supplement used to increase the size and disease resistance of sheep, cattle, chickens and hogs can heighten muscle mass and strength in athletes who carry out regular resistance training, according to new research carried out at Iowa State University... MORE

Sodium bicarbonate

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Research suggests it may boost performance in short events, but it can have nauseating side-effects Bicarbonate has been researched by sports scientists for some time, producing inconsistent results, though some studies have suggested it has great potential for enhancing anaerobic performance. Perhaps the one major confounding factor is the relatively common side-effect of stomach problems.... MORE

Creatine effects

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A man who is showing athletes how to use advances in sports nutrition to produce dramatic improvements in their performances That man is Richard Kreider, a soft-spoken amiable southerner who toiled for many years at Old Dominion University under the protective wing of the man often called the ‘living legend’ of ergogenic research – Mel... MORE

Why MCTs alone don’t work

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It’s important to bear in mind that the MCTs had to be ADDED to carbohydrate in order to shore up performance; the MCT-only drink produced terrible results. The trouble with using MCT alone is that it can conserve glycogen, but it can’t replace the carbohydrate that is already metabolised – only the carbohydrate in a... MORE

Magnesium – is it more important for athletes than...

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 The mineral magnesium is something of a ‘Cinderella’ nutrient. Most sportsmen and women know that it’s required for health, but few really appreciate its importance for sport performance. And now, as Andrew Hamilton explains, new research suggests that an optimum magnesium intake could be even more vital than we previously believed. Think of the ‘big... MORE

Probiotics: help or hindrance for athletes?

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Amanda Carlson explores the effects friendly bacteria can have on an athlete’s performance With the abundance of antibacterial soaps, wipes, and even anti-microbial fabrics, most people are aware that bacteria can harm us. But what about friendly bacteria and in particular, what can they do for athletes? Amanda Carlson looks at the latest evidence.Probiotics are... MORE

Triglycerides can provide athletes with a valuable energy source

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Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT): how fatty acids can improve sports performance Back in the ’90s, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) were popular as energy and fat loss boosters. However, evidence to support these claims was never really forthcoming and, as a result, MCTs faded into obscurity. But, according to Andrew Hamilton, maybe we’ve been too hasty in... MORE

The effects of green tea on sports performance

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The health benefits of green tea and the implications for endurance athletes Green tea has long been researched for its health-giving properties, but what can it do for athletes? Andrew Hamilton looks at the latest findings, some of which are causing real excitement in the sports science community…Originating from China around 2,000 years ago, tea... MORE

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