Nutrition: can BCAA supplementation help sports performance?

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The use of branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements to enhance sport performance has grown into a multi-million dollar industry. But although there’s a scientific rationale for some of the performance claims, the reality is far less clear-cut, as Kevin Tipton and Sarah Jackman explain here.  Amino acids are nitrogen-containing compounds that comprise the building... MORE

Nitric oxide: its role in your body and the...

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Andrew Hamilton asks whether nitric oxide enhancing supplements really can improve performance? In recent years, a new type of sports supplement has become popular among strength athletes. But what does the science say about ‘nitric oxide enhancers’, and do they really do what it says on the tin? Andrew Hamilton comes up with some surprising... MORE

Energy drink: do protein shakes improve performance?

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Should you add protein to sports drinks? Sports drink manufacturers are now adding protein to their products, with claims of enhanced performance and recovery for endurance athletes. But do these claims stand up to scientific scrutiny? Mike Saunders investigates. During long exercise sessions, especially in the heat, you can lose large amounts of fluid and... MORE

Caffeine: old friend, new findings!

in Nutrition for endurance athletes, Supplements

Andrew Hamilton looks at the recent research on endurance performance and caffeine supplementatation Caffeine is one of the most widely used sports supplements there is so we obviously know everything there is to know about why, how and when to use it – right? Wrong! As Andrew Hamilton explains, new research about an old friend... MORE

Antioxidants: supplements and pills may not be the answer...

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Antioxidant nutrition is one of changing consensus among scientists and confusion among athletes and coaches  Athletes and sportsmen and women burn more energy and therefore consume more oxygen than their sedentary counterparts, which is why many scientists now believe that they have a greater need for optimum antioxidant nutrition. But how best to achieve this?... MORE

Overtraining: how the right nutrition can help prevent it...

in Dietary basics, Hydration and fuelling on the move, Nutrition for endurance athletes, Recovery nutrition, Recovery strategies, Supplements

Professor Mike Saunders explains how specific nutritional practices can prevent overtraining and accelerate exercise recovery Where should we draw the line between appropriate ‘heavy training’ and overtraining? And are there specific nutritional practices that can prevent overtraining and accelerate exercise recovery? Mike Saunders explains and shows that these two concepts are intimately linked.  In simple... MORE

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