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Body fat – improve your immunity and endurance levels

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Athletes: increase your body fat levels! The relative importance of fat in the athlete’s diet has been undervalued, with potentially harmful effects on immunity as well as endurance performance, according to New York researchers reviewing the effects of diet on immune function in athletes. ‘It is of great concern,’ they comment, ‘that many athletes are... MORE

Exercise intensity and body composition

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Low intensity exercise is best for overall weight loss, while high intensity exercise is best for maintaining muscle mass, according to a new study from Greece. The researchers set out to compare the effects of two exercise training programmes (both expending equal amounts of energy but one of low and one of high intensity) on... MORE

Body composition and sport: why weight is a poor...

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The bathroom scales might tell you how much is there, but they don’t tell you what is there. Knowing your body composition, and more specifically your body fat level, allows you to plan and measure the outcomes of your training and dietary programmes more accurately, writes James Marshall. The human body is composed of many... MORE

Fat burning zone

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Why athletes, fitness enthusiasts and slimmers should steer clear of the fat burning zone Gary O’Donovan explains why high-intensity exercise is the best bet for training and weight loss The concept of the fat burning zone is highly attractive to the exercise enthusiasts of today, many of whom are more interested in weight loss than... MORE

If you want to lose fat, chuck the slimming...

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The obese now comprise one-third of the adult population in the United States, and the trend is equally bad in Britain. Fifteen years ago, ‘only’ one American in four was over-weight, but the average citizen has deposited another eight pounds of fat under his or her skin in the last decade alone. Both men and... MORE

Athletes’ diet

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The triathletes who ate nearly twice as much, yet gained no weight, and improved their performance times by 8 per cent Most athletes say they are aware of the importance of good nutrition, but when they sit down to eat, their patterns of food intake are often considerably less than optimal. One key problem is... MORE

Weight loss: can you lose weight effectively on a...

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Protein and weight control Most people think of protein as a muscle-building nutrient. But as Kevin Tipton explains, new research suggests it could play an important role in weight loss and maintenance. Weight control is a significant issue for many people, including athletes, who may benefit from reduced fat mass to improve performance. In general,... MORE

Metabolic rate: sports training has a significant effect on...

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The effects sports and fitness training has on our metabolic rate and calorific needs Metabolic rate basically refers to the energy that is released by the body. Sports training can have a significant effect on metabolic rate – this can determine weight gain and weight loss. This is because it boosts calorie burning. This is... MORE

Can body fat loss and lean muscle gain be...

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Can body fat loss and lean muscle gain be targeted with nutritional supplements? Article at a glance: Two of our leading writers look at two new natural substances and determine if they can benefit athletes; Ron Maughan looks at Quercetin and whether it is able to reduce illness and maintain mental performance; Andrew Hamilton looks... MORE

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