So what did you learn about performance in 2020?

A quick look back to just some of the new findings published this year in SPB

Although the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns put paid to a large number of athletic and sports events in 2020, not all was not lost in the quest for performance. Subscribers to Sports Performance Bulletin for example were not only able to gain unlimited access to over 1,200 evidence-based articles on sports performance in our online library, they also received over 70 brand new articles highlighting findings from the most recently published research – and how to practically apply it for maximum performance gains. These brand new findings included:

*A new and more effective way to structure interval training –

*Flywheel training for optimal strength and conditioning –

*How a ‘win at all costs’ mentality can harm your performance –

*Why your running-shoe weight really does matter for performance –

*The relationship between your training intensity and recovery needs –

*Individual training responses and why any training mode must be suited to YOU! –

When all’s said and done, all the willpower, determination and fancy training equipment in the world is no substitute for knowledge. Understanding the latest and best evidence-based sports science, and knowing how to apply it to your own circumstances is what will put you ahead of the pack. So as we go forward into 2021 and sport begins to resume in full, arm yourself with a new or renewed subscription to Sports Performance Bulletin in order to maximize your performance, set that new PB and get ahead of the pack! Subscribe or renew your subscription at

As the Greek philosopher Plato once said “Knowledge is the food of the soul”. But without doubt, it’s also the best path to sporting success!

Andrew Hamilton, Sports Performance Bulletin editor

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