The Bodyweight Training Bible

You are your own gym!
Patrick Dale

Bodyweight training has been around for a long time, but did you know that as a form of exercise, people have been performing bodyweight exercises for just about as long as we’ve been roaming the planet? Calisthenics, a term interchangeable with bodyweight exercises, is actually derived from the ancient Greek words for beauty and strength.

Yoga, the oldest formalised form of exercise in the world, uses nothing but  bodyweight movements to develop strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility.

All of the new developments in exercise equipment have only really happened in the last  60 or so years. Prior to that, calisthenics ruled the roost; not for just a few hundred years  but for thousands.

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Our understanding of what goes on in your body during and as a result of exercise has increased exponentially. Sport and exercise science has literally dissected everything to do with health and fitness and that information is available for all to see via the internet.

Because of this abundance of exercise information, it’s very easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of exercise rather than focus on simply getting up and actually doing some!

Many sports also have a long tradition of using bodyweight exercises for strength and  conditioning purposes. Gymnasts develop unbelievable levels of strength (and incredible physiques) using mostly bodyweight exercises and many martial arts practitioners actually frown upon strength training using weights as they believe training this way can make you big, bulky and slow.

While this is a bit of a myth, as the correct exercises can make you fast, explosive and mobile, there is no denying that bodyweight training is effective for developing high levels of fitness and strength.

Rather than debate which form of exercise is best, in this e-book you will learn all about the most accessible and convenient form of exercise – bodyweight training.

Note: we haven’t said it’s the best (although a great many experts believe this to be the case).

It’s simply that bodyweight training can be performed anywhere and at any time which makes it an ideal form of training when you are on the road, want to train at home or simply prefer not to spend your hard-earned money on a gym membership


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