Healthy Hamstrings

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Andrew Hamilton

This special report on hamstring health and rehabilitation is designed for sportsmen and women, their coaches, trainers and physiotherapists.

Containing a wealth of cutting-edge information based on recent findings in sports science and sports medicine, this report is a “must have” for those who need to consistently perform at their best.

Importantly, the authoritative material is written and researched by some of the most eminent and well-respected clinicians in sport, all of whom work with competitive athletes, day in and day out.

Hamstring health matters because winning matters. With strong and healthy hamstrings, an athlete can really achieve his or her maximum potential and go onto win. And that’s why you can’t afford to be without this special report.

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Healthy Hamstrings contains a wealth of evidence-based research and practical exercises, to help you build strength and flexibility in this key area of your body… regardless of your sporting discipline. Fully illustrated, everything in this report is explained in practical terms, so that each exercise program can easily be incorporated into workout routines.

You’ll find the best exercises for you or your client, with key ways to avoid injury and strengthen hamstring fitness. Plus in-depth explanations of the different workouts, with photographs, diagrams and simple to follow tables to keep the athlete motivated and on track towards your goals.

All written and researched by some of the most eminent and well-respected clinicians in sport.


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Andrew Hamilton BSc Hons, MRSC, ACSM, is a sports science writer and researcher specialising in sports nutrition. A lifelong endurance athlete himself he has worked in the field of fitness and sports performance for over 30 years helping athletes to reach their true potential.