Plyometric Training

How to ensure dynamic performance
John Shepherd

Plyometrics is essential for elite performance, but needs to be performed effectively to be useful.

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Throughout this book there are reinforced explanations defining the concept and practicalities of plyometrics.

It introduces plyometrics and its merits and moves into the gym where dynamic power can be developed through power-combination training.

It also focuses purely on the effect plyometrics has on jumping, which is of course a plyometric exercise in itself!

Squat variations are then presented, followed by a look at the effectiveness of plyometrics for the upper body. Detailed plyometric programmes are provided for
endurance runners who likely neglect its importance.

Finally it presents advice on using plyometrics in rehabilitation.


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JOHN SHEPHERD is a former Great Britain international long jumper. John has also worked as an England team coach, and has since coached a number of athletes to national and international titles. He now works mainly with young promising athletes. In addition to his coaching duties, John has written eight books on sport, fitness and health and has edited two national fitness magazines.