Soft Tissue Release

One of the oldest therapies still used today covered in this full colour 176 page book
Jane Johnson

Soft Tissue Release will teach you how to perform the techniques, how to apply them to various parts of the body and how to incorporate the techniques into your own treatment programme.

Get this super-handy reference guide to expand and develop your soft tissue release techniques

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Soft Tissue Release, a step-by-step guide that’s easy to use, with more than 160 photos of techniques being performed. The book provides specific assessment and treatment tools and also explains how to adjust techniques for specific client circumstances.

It is relevant to all students and qualified therapists working with massage including physiotherapists and physical therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, fitness instructors, sport coaches, sport therapists, and other body workers

Soft tissue release is an advanced technique that is becoming an increasingly important part of massage to assess and stretch soft tissue and the surrounding muscle fibre and tendons.

Many of these skills are taught through massage schools and degree courses. Our need now as an industry is to provide the best clinical and educational resources to support this learning.


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