Solid Muscle Series: How to Build a Stronger Core

Who doesn’t want a six-pack?
Patrick Dale

A lean, defined and strong midsection is the training goal of virtually every exercise enthusiast. The media exposes us to endless images of toned, flat stomachs – almost every ‘A list’ actor, numerous musicians as well as male and female models are all sporting the ‘fashion essential’ that is a six-pack. Turn on the TV and you’ll see sportsmen and sportswomen with ripped, clearly defined midsections, although for most of them, this is a by-product of their training rather than the goal.

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Type ‘six-pack abs’ into your search engine and you’ll get about 30 million hits all offering advice on how to gain the fitness holy of holies. Pills, potions, exercise routines, workout devices, ab belts and waist wraps – clearly six-pack abs are a hot topic (and an even bigger business). However, for many they are an elusive commodity.

A flat and toned midsection is aesthetically pleasing and has strong links to sex appeal, the appearance of strength and power as well as giving the impression of good health- all important factors when choosing a mate! A clearly visible six-pack suggests, both subconsciously and consciously, the two important ‘Vs’ in anthropology – vitality and virility. The survival of the species hinges on these two physical characteristics and our brains are hard-wired to appreciate the

Regardless of whether you want to develop your abs for show, performance, spine health or overall well-being, our 12-week plan will take you from ‘ab zero’ to ‘ab hero’ and help you build a strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing midsection. It might not be an easy journey but rest assured that you’ll make great progress towards that holy grail of fitness goals – the six-pack.


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