Sports Injuries Guidebook

Introducing the ultimate "how to" guide for identifying, assessing and treating sports injuries
Robert S Gotlin

Sports Injuries Guidebook details the most common injuries from head to toe that are experienced from athletes from warrior to the pro.

A handy reference for every athlete and coach’s bookshelf. 288 pages with colour illustrations.

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Many approaches exist for the treatment of athletic injuries and this book does not include every method or philosophy. Rather than overwhelm you with confusing options, our goal is to create a simple yet thoroughly user-friendly guidebook compiled by the best physicians and sports medicine professionals in the business.

This book could help you or your athlete get back into action as quickly as possible, or even avoid being sidelined in the first place.

But, most importantly, you’ll learn to identify when it’s time to seek professional medical care.

The 25 contributors surgeons, trainers and clinical professors, were selected on their sport-specific expertise, each with a lengthy track record of injury management, and each with a keen knack of making it all read easily.

The knowledge you will gain from their expertise will keep you on the field, on the court, on the slopes – in short, on track to enjoy your athletic pursuits and stay healthy in the process.


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