Sports Psychology II

Think your way to success
Sam Bordiss

Sport Psychology is a constantly evolving science that athletes and coaches need to get their head around; otherwise they’ll be left with a headache and a runners-up medal. The importance and development of sports psychology is signified by the publication of this manual.

We hope you find this book to be both enlightening and applicable to your training, and engineer success in future performances.

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This book starts with two chapters on motivation, which is appropriate because the first thing an athlete needs if he or she wants to be successful is motivation! You may find that lessons on motivation can be applied to all walks of life, not just in the sporting arena.

These chapters are followed by research on the importance of half-time, the relationship between dieting and moods and the values of attributing success and failure. Finally there are two two-part chapters, the first of which tackles emotional intelligence, with the second taking an in-depth look at imagery and ergogenic aids.

To understand better how an ageing Muhammad Ali defeated the stronger champion George Foreman in 1974. How Roger Federer and Serena Williams won so many majors titles, particularly in their 30’s, or how Tiger Woods, Phil Taylor and Stephen Hendry dominated their sports for so long. Read more about sport psychology, after all, it’s all the mind.

Plenty to be getting your head round then!


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