The Complete Guide to Circuit Training

For super-charged results
John Shepherd

Ask practically any athlete or coach what circuit training is, and you’ll get much the same answer: a series of exercises performed quickly with high numbers of repetitions. But that’s not the whole story. Not by a long shot.

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Circuit training is one of the most commonly used sports training components and is used for many sports. However, perhaps because of its ubiquity it’s often seen as a general method of developing sports condition and fitness.

Although this is undoubtedly so, with thought and application circuits can be used throughout the training period to develop speed, agility and skill and even reduce injury potential.

Modern circuit training is a highly-advanced training tool for improving specific areas of performance weakness. In fact, circuit training principles can be used to focus in on any aspect of your training, in any sport you do, in a way that rapidly brings you super-charged results.

In this book, we bring you case studies and workouts, to help you create the perfect circuits for you or your athletes.



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JOHN SHEPHERD is a former Great Britain international long jumper. John has also worked as an England team coach, and has since coached a number of athletes to national and international titles. He now works mainly with young promising athletes. In addition to his coaching duties, John has written eight books on sport, fitness and health and has edited two national fitness magazines.